At Conscious Gear, we're all about celebrating body diversity in the outdoors with outdoor gear and outerwear for bigger bodies, starting with  the VESTAPAK. The first of its kind hydration vest designed by and for plus-size outdoor enthusiasts..

I dont' konw about you but I was tired of feeling left out of the hydration pack game because of my plus-size figure. Instead of complaining, I spent the last two years creating a hydration vest to revolutionize the outdoor industry and I want you to be a part of our community to amplify the importance of body diversity in the outdoors.

I NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen.

So, I came up with the QuarterBuck Campaign where your $25 contribution will fund the production of our first batch and make them available to the public.

We beleive it takes a village, so every contributor becomes a 'Founding Villager'. And together, we will break down barriers and ensure that all bodies have access to the outdoor gear they need to stay active and healthy outdoors.

In advance, Welcome and thank you Founding Villager for being a part of this inclusive and revolutionary movement for body diversity in the outdoors. #biggerbodiesmatter #ittakesavillage

Peace and Blessings! Charlotte, Founder